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My brother is six years older than me so, naturally, he’s my hero. He had a rough childhood and often felt unworthy of many great things in life. When he was twenty-four he decided to join the Marines. He was incredibly excited and finally felt he had a purpose and a career in life he and others could be proud of. Five weeks into boot camp he became extremely ill. The doctor’s had no idea what was going on with him and put him into a drug induced coma. My parent’s flew out to see him immediately. My mom was able to stay behind with him but my dad had to come back home and work. “He’s My Son”, by Mark Schultz, helped my family to overcome. While listening to these lyrics I can’t help but become emotional as I think back to my mom staying behind and being in the hospital with him. My parents were told that, Will, my brother wouldn’t make it. Because of the coma they weren’t sure if he was going to wake up and if he did what kind of challenges he would face. Day by day and prayer by prayer my mom would update our family and friends of the progress he made. Things like: “he opened his eye for thirty seconds today” were milestones. I will never forget reading “he lifted his hand off the table…he wiggled his fingers…he sat up in bed….he was able to eat today…he’s beginning to talk…” updates that filled our family with joy each day.My dad, through this whole ordeal, was in a rough place. Every time I read the lyrics I can see my parent’s pleading to the Almighty One on behalf of my brother that he could just live. My brother had to relearn how to move his arms, his eyes, his mouth, vocal chords, fingers, legs, etc. He went through therapy for many months and although he still has struggles to this day, four years later, he’s alive and we are here to spread the power of God’s shown to my family from the countless people that prayed for Will and the miracle of his life. Will is now attending college because he now knows that he can achieve anything with the power and love of God behind him. My brother, my hero. ~ Kylie

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