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Dear Mark and the Mark Schultz Web Team,

I would like to nominate Payton Cram as Cloud of the Month.  I first came to know of Payton from friends on the message board who attended Mark’s concert in Swarts Creek, Michigan, on June 1st of this year.

Melissa had posted on the message boards:

There was a little girl there named Payton, who has some kind of cancer in her hip. She had just gone through a heavy dose of chemo the week before and her doctor said that she would not be able to make it to the concert, but by the grace of God, she not only made it to the concert, but she also got to spend some time in the afternoon with Mark, and at the end of the concert, Mark had her come up on stage so that he could pray for her.

One of the songs that she wanted Mark to sing was “She was watching.” That song usually does not make me cry, but it did last night. Payton, her sister and parents were sitting in the front row beside Shawn, Kiesha, Nicholas and Tim. About a half hour before that song, I looked and saw her daddy holding her in his arms while she laid her head on his shoulder; I think at one point she dozed off. He was swaying to the music with her. He held her for about 20 minutes. Remembering that while Mark sang this song, seeing her glance at her dad, brought tears to my eyes. It was beautiful.

After reading that I started to follow her CaringBrigde journal entries to follow her progress as she fought her cancer.  I was amazed at the grace that this young girl has shown.  She has always been so positive and hopeful in her journal entries.  Her father’s spirituality and faith came through in his writing.  It is by God’s grace that a family that was going through so much could minister to and touch the lives of so many others.

I was saddened to learn recently that the doctors told the family that they have done all that they can for Payton.  It is now in God’s hands alone as she and her family walks this unfamiliar road.  I want to share a couple of entries that have touched my heart.  This first one is from Payton herself:

Going through all of this made me realize that even though it totally SUCKS, that God has a perfect reason for it! And I think the reason was, and this is just my opinion, that it was to help me and others get closer to God!

I would also like to include the journal entry from Payton’s father today:

Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things. Colossians 3:2 and from the Message Bible Look up, and be alert to what is going on around Christ – That’s where the action is. See things from His perspective. The last five days have been a rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions. In this morning’s devotion it said – as Christ dominates our thoughts, he changes us from one degree of glory to another until – hang on – we are ready to live with Him. Heaven is the land of sinless minds – Absolute trust – No Fear – no anger – no shame and NO SECOND GUESSING. Traci and I prayed to God to give us the words to talk with Payton. Payton is so strong – we weep together and agreed that we would ride this out together. We also talked with Paige – the sisters spent time hugging and crying and loving on each other… As I end this journal entry – Give God your best thoughts, and see if he doesn’t change your mind. Please pray for Payton and our family as we continue to seek God’s direction and as we walk this road with our precious girl – pray she remain comfortable and communication remains open and that we have the words to say. God Bless you all.

Because of her love for Mark’s music and because even as she goes through this deep and dark valley she is spreading the Word and the love of Christ to everyone she comes in contact with, I would like to nominate Payton Cram as the Cloud of the Month.


JoEllen Coney
Ardentlonging on the message boards


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