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Hey Mark! My name is Brittany West and I’m 16 years old. I have been your fan for quite a while. I first heard your music while I was in a bookstore. My step-mom and I loved your voice, so we went up to the counter and asked who you were. From then on, we attended almost every concert near Ft. Wayne , Indiana and bought all your cd’s. I remember one particular concert I went to in Elkhart where we were in a small church and you said it was like “singing to people in your living room.” You let us pick songs we wanted you to sing, and you talked to us like you have known us forever. It was really cool. The way you opened up that night was really encouraging.

That night, you sang “When You Come Home” and that just really got me to praise God because at the time I was really missing my mom who died from a brain tumor when I was 6 years old. And when you sang the song, it made me realize that my mom is HOME. Of course she isn’t in my house with me, but she is in her Heavenly home praising God for ETERNITY. And that song made me realize how GREAT God is.

There have been times when I feel like I can’t go on anymore without my mom and that I’m worthless, but I read the first part of James and I listen to your music and it encourages me to keep holding on because God is in control. My mom died as what my dad calls a “baby Christian”. She was just learning about God and accepting Him when she found out she was sick. My neighbor, who was my mom’s best friend, was with my mom when she gave herself to Christ. And you know the cool thing that happened while my mom was in the hospital? SHE SAW JESUS! You know when you have a brain tumor, you don’t remember much of what’s happening, but my mom repeated the story over and over of how this man dressed in a white robe and brown sandals (who’d wear these in December, right??) sat at the end of her bed and told her that her girls would be okay and that she’d be okay. She said this man had hair tied back in a pony tail and had big teeth and a huge smile. When my dad pulled up a picture of the Shroud of Turin, she said it was the guy in her bed! IT WAS JESUS! And from then on, my mom was the happiest person ever. She knew she’d be safe in the hands of God 😉 Mark, you are an amazing person. You have great gifts that you use to glorify Him. Thanks for the encouraging music. God Bless.


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