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Dear Mark (and crew),
I’m writing to tell you about my husband, Sam. We met in 2005 in the Fall, and I knew somehow we’d be together for as long as the Lord was willing to bless our relationship! We both share a love for music — I’m a piano teacher, and he simply loves to listen to classical music. Well, we both discovered your music around Christmastime that year. A student gave me a WOW CD with “You are a Child of Mine” on it. I fell in love with the piano line and layering of harmonies later in the song. I shared it with Sam, and we were both hooked on your music. We’ve been listening to your CDs and somehow managed to get our hands on the latest one as soon as possible.

We have been richly blessed in many ways — to be a part of two loving families, to have in-laws that cherish each other as if they’d grown up together, and to be a part of two very strong church families, one in NJ and one in WI (our respective birth places). However, as many know, Christians undergo some of the most powerful trials and tests on earth. I know many would expect me, at this point, to say one of us has cancer or some sort of terminal illness, but it isn’t that serious, thankfully. We’ve been married for three years and would like nothing more than to be parents. Our individual and joint life stories are near perfect — waiting for each other, getting our careers and education settled before marriage, and saving to purchase a home where we could raise our children and have weekly bible studies. Well, once we decided we wanted to be Godly parents, well, life hasn’t been so easy. We’ve been trying to have a baby for nearly two years now, and the medical staff, thus far, cannot pinpoint why we are having such a challenging time. There are no apparent reasons as to why this is so difficult. It is breaking our hearts almost daily. I end up crying at least once every month, and poor Sam ends up trying to comfort me…and I know he blames himself for this. He reminds me often to read James 1, assuring me we will find joy in our pain as it will make us better witnesses for Christ.

We treated ourselves to the Come Alive tour that visited Jefferson, WI recently. It couldn’t have come at a better time for us. Mark, to hear your testimony of praise and thanksgiving at being an adopted child gave us hope and reassurance that, one way or another, the Lord will bless us and give us the chance to be parents. Next year, once we’ve wrapped up all final medical procedures, and it is clear God’s will for us is to not be biological parents, we will begin pursuing adoption with a Christian adoption agency. Sam has asked me to honor his wishes in that we do not pursue any types of “medically created” pregnancy options, and I respect that, though it isn’t always easy to do so. I may selfishly wish from time to time to try one of those routes, but I know in my heart it is not what God would intend for us. We feel being called to be adoptive parents would be a blessing and hope to share the word of God to a child in need of loving parents. I am proud of my husband’s strength through all of this, and know we can one day show a child “What it Means to be Loved.”

Your music has lifted us up on many occasions. Thank you for the gift of purposeful, God-honoring music! We hope you will pray for us and think of us as we make this journey.

P.S. The first picture is of the two of us at my sister’s wedding in Jamaica. The second is of my beautiful husband with our two nieces — he looks like such a Daddy in that picture!


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