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Back in May this year we had a Mark Schultz concert/fundraiser at our church. The proceeds helped us bring our adopted daughter Jenna home from China, donated a bunch of stuff to her orphanage, and helped start a seed fund for the new ministry our church has started, Grace for Orphans. It was an incredible night, and a fantastic event.
Anyways, God has continued to use Mark Schultz’s music to speak to me. My favorite song at the time of the concert was He Is. Unfortunately, it wasn’t included in his set that night, but anyways, a few short weeks later when I was in China to meet my daughter for the first time and bring her home, I listened to his music on my ipod. That song came on while we were on the drive out to tour the Great Wall – in very rural China, still sleep deprived from jet lag, completely emotional and scared to death in this country feeling so alone (just myself and our 10 year old son traveled to bring her home), watching the landscape change out the window as we drove further out of the city; I cried as he sang the words, (and I’m totally cutting in and out of the song the parts that really struck me)

“Father let the world just fade away, let me feel your presence in this place….
Lord I’ve never been so weary, how I need to know you’re near me,
Father let the world just fade away……
even when it feels like there is no one holding me…
be still, my soul, HE IS.”

“Father let your holy spirit sing, let it calm this storm inside of me,
As I stand amazed, lift my hands and say He is, He was, He always will be,
He lives, He loves, He’s always with me…..
be still, my soul, through every fear, and every doubt, in every tear I shed,
down every road, I’m not alone, no matter WHERE I AM,

Isn’t that incredible! Well I hadn’t heard the song since coming back home and then when I did, I cried all over again and felt like I was back in China again seeing that same landscape change before my eyes. It sounds delusional, I know…..but I just think it’s a little treasure God gave me!

Anyways, now the song that is speaking to me is Come Alive.
I hear it through the filter of Jenna and all that she has endured, and never experienced in her short 2-year life… she was severely neglected, had never bonded to anyone, surely had never been truly loved. I have no idea still, what her personality really is; she is very serious, rarely playful. Usually just sits alone in the living room, not playing with toys but her hands, it’s been very hard, and very sad. She still doesn’t trust us. Our therapist says she has learned from the adults in her life that adults are not reliable and do not meet her needs, so it’s just going to take some time. Maybe a long time….

Anyways, with that filter in mind…… listen to the song! It’s so moving!

So while I’m sure that Mark didn’t write the song for that context, it’s very touching and has been such a reminder to me of the perspective that God has for each one of His children.

Thanks for your ministry Mark.

Vicki C

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