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Hi Mark and Staff!

Our daughter and son-in-law were struggling with their faith in God. Around the first part of October, 2009, my son-in-law and I were in our kitchen talking and I felt the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart to ask him a question. I turned to him and told him I had a serious question for him and could I please be so bold as to ask him. He replied with “sure, what can it hurt”?

I told him that my husband and I are Christians as well as our son, however I wasn’t so sure of him and our daughter. I continued with “if something were to happen to you now, do you know where your salvation is?”. He looked at me and I asked him the question one more time. His reply to me was “no, but we would like to join you and dad in church on Sunday”. My reply was “yes, absolutely!”

Our daughter and son-in-law came with us to church for the next several Sundays, however, he would fall asleep in the middle of the message and when we returned home, he never wanted to discuss anything to do with the service.

The last week of October our son-in-law became very ill. On October 28th, while volunteering at our church office, I received a call from our daughter asking if when I was done volunteering at 1pm, if I would please help her get Randy into the hospital. I had visited Randy earlier that morning and he could barely breathe and had crackling with every breath he was able to muster up. I told her I would leave the office immediately and we would take him into the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital and I told my daughter to run as fast as she could into the Emergency Room and tell a nurse with a wheelchair to come out IMMEDIATELY as Randy was going in and out of consciousness all the way to the hospital. Two nurses came out with a wheelchair and one crawled into the van, over the top of Randy and began taking his vitals. That nurse turned to the other one and told the nurse to call into the ER as they had an EXTREMELY ill person who needed to be put in a room immediately.

I parked our van and joined our daughter Lisa inside to help finish registering Randy. A friend of ours who is also a nurse came in as she wasn’t on duty but had a class to attend. She went back to see how long it would be before we could see Randy, she came back out and said he was EXTREMELY ill–more than she could describe and they would be out shortly to get us. After seeing Randy, the doctor had my daughter and I put in a family waiting room. We sat there for what seemed to be an eternity, all the while I was praying for Randy and Lisa and asking the Lord to please guide the doctors. The doctor came in and told us that Randy would be going to the ICU and the next 24-48 hours would be very crucial. He told us to call any other family members that wanted to see him alive to come to the hospital immediately.

Lisa and I were able to see him one more time prior to him being put into the coma. When my husband and son got to the hospital, Randy was already in the ICU and in a drug induced coma and our daughter and I had to tell them that Randy was 1-2 hours away from complete respiratory failure and they were not giving him a very good chance of survival. The Holy Spirit was truly talking to me and reminding me of the conversation I had with Randy just weeks prior to this. I cried and begged God to PLEASE lay on my heart how best to help Randy and PLEASE, if He were to take him home, I prayed that he would be seeing God face-to-face! Over the 23 days Randy was in the ICU with H1N1, staph infection, double pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome, I would pray over him every morning when I would arrive at his room and my husband and I would pray over him every evening prior to us leaving the hospital. One of the first evenings, my husband and I were in Randy’s room praying and the male nurse in charge of him for the evening came in and asked if he could please do some work on Randy and we could continue on praying with him. He told us he wouldn’t be able to hear what we were saying because he was wearing a suit with oxygen blowing in it. We told him that was no problem and began praying over Randy. The nurse started his work and all of a sudden I told my husband in the middle of our prayer to hush and listen to the nurse. He did and we both heard him humming “Amazing Grace”. I told my husband that God absolutely was present in that room and He was letting us know! After we were done praying and the nurse was done with his work, we all walked out of the room. I asked him if he realized what he was humming while he was in there to which he replied with “no, what was I humming?”. I told him what we heard and started crying–I told him we were Christians and God was letting us know He was present in that room. He agreed and we left feeling peaceful that evening. The next week was a roller coaster ride and we were told numerous times to expect the best but prepare for the worst.

Randy spent a total of 34 days in the hospital, the day he came home, our pastor came over and Lisa and Randy gave their lives to Jesus Christ. I asked Randy if he would have died while in the hospital, did he know where his salvation was and he replied with that he was only 1/2 the way there when he became so ill. While we were traveling back and forth from the hospital, we always listen to a Christian radio station and heard many of Mark’s songs which ALWAYS gave us a sense of comfort and strength as we know what a Christian man he is as well and we just knew God was talking to us through those songs!

We heard on the radio that Mark was coming to Appleton, WI to do the “Come Alive” Tour and we were EXTREMELY happy as we saw Mark in concert before and left feeling so filled with the Holy Spirit. We told Randy and Lisa about the concert and volunteering to help set up and take down for the concert. Randy said he would do it, as he heard Mark’s CD’s that we played and many of the songs on the radio when he would ride with us.

We arrived the morning of the concert to help with set up and Mark was wandering around talking to everyone like he knew them for years and we were “old friends” of his. Randy was extremely impressed as this was his first exposure to anyone in Christian music. That evening Randy, Lisa and our son went into the concert, my husband stayed out in the hall with me after we were done ushering. I have severe migraines and seizures and I’m unable to see flashing lights, however, I truly enjoyed the concert while sitting in the hall. After the concert the men helped take down everything and on the way home Randy said “that was just awesome, Mark is such a Christian man and truly appreciates everything people do, when we were finishing loading the truck, Mark came over to all of us and personally thanked us for helping with both set up and take down and shook our hands–what an awesome guy!”. We purchased Mark’s newest CD, which completes our collection until his next one, and every time Randy hears it, he talks about the night of the concert and how Mark was “just like the rest of us”, not a “too good to talk to you type of guy”. The song Randy loves the most is “God Of Glory” and feels that song truly speaks to his heart after everything he went through.

Thank you Mark for opening your heart and being a servant of God. You have TRULY made a difference in Randy’s heart and life. He keeps saying he can’t wait for you to come back to Appleton!

God bless you!

DeAnn, Dick and Matthew Winter
Randy and Lisa Land

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