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Cloud of the Month
My name is Tammy McLain and I am a new member on Mark’s page.  I have recently been diagnosed with the End Stages of Cirrhosis along with untreatable Hepatitis C.  At one point my family doctor told me that without a transplant that I would only have 2 years.  So far It has been a little over two years that I have known of my illness.  Somedays I feel better than others but I still trudge along.

I have four children who are now grown and two grandsons.  I am going through a divorce and through all this I have found faith and solitude in God.  Upon learning the news about my illness a year passed and I felt the need to locate the father of my children.  Just in case something happened to me and they had questions or needed guidance.  It had been 10 years since they really have had a relationship.  In this time their father has grown so much mentally and spiritually.  He has become one of my best friends and has been there for me in my time of need and he is trying to form a closer relationship with his children and grandchildren. 

He has had his ups and downs in life as well as the rest of us.  He has battled with addictions of all sorts.  He is very spiritual and knows where he stands with God.  I admire that in him.  He is very active with his peers and serves his fellow man by rendering aide to them in their addictions.  He is a remarkable person.  He has helped me in numerous ways and one of them is helping me with my own spirituality.  He introduced me to the music of Mark Schultz and two of his songs really reaches out to me.  “Walking Her Home” he had me listen to and it flooded me with memories and peace.  “He’s my son” also tugs on my heart because I am faced with a troublesome son and I have turned it over to God.

With all this being said I would want him to be the Cloud Of The Month.  He is truly special to all that know him.  His name is John Hogue.  I would be honored if you would consider him.  Enclosed you will find pictures of myself and him.   

Tammy Lee


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