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Why I SHOULDN’T Be Cloud of the Month!

I can honestly and officially submit this essay and base it solely on things you’ll be looking for.  Just about any other believer who submits their essay would be more qualified to be a ‘Cloud’ than I so you have my heartfelt permission to pick someone else and not feel you’ll be hurting my feelings at all.

While I do participate on Mark’s MySpace comments and send hellos or kudos as often as I can, that would not qualify me for ‘Cloud’.  It takes much more than an occasional hello to feel one has made an impact in another’s life, yes?  Yes…I do listen to his music and it has a profound affect on me but, more importantly, it affects my husband who drives a truck for a living and listens to the Christian radio station FAR more than I.  Again, just because I listen and feel the message doesn’t mean I live the message, yes?

Lastly, and this is the biggest reason I am far, far from qualifying as a ‘Cloud’.  I fall so short of really spreading the word of Jesus.  I am definitely a Moses when it comes to speaking.  Rather, I pray.  I pray and I share with the little children, my grandchildren, because they don’t see or hear my lack of gifted speaking.  Yet, they smile at my stories and smile when I tell them of His love and never question who HE is but know that it’s a good thing to be loved.  That’s the best I can do and all that I can share for this essay.  No grand moments or gestures or grandiose speeches.  I share His love and His message one small child at a time.

Rosemary Michels



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