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My name is Richard Gorven and I am, simply put, an 18-year old charismatic, on-fire South African with a passion for God and his word.

Marks music has truly changed my life and my walk with God in every way I can imagine. I can still remember the first time I heard my first Mark Schultz song, “Letters from war”. I was so overwhelm with the song, I actually wrote a film based on it (as I have aspirations to become a film director). I am a pianist myself and have been so
inspired, I have begun writing songs myself. It was so inspiring to finally find an artist who could compose, sing and play his own music!

God has truly used Marks music to not only minister into my life and help me through the tough times that I have gone through with my family but it has also influenced the lives of all my friends. There is no greater comfort when you are down than to listen to “He will carry me” and “You are a child of mine”. As recently as today, I played those songs to one of my friends who has experiencing trouble with other guys at school.

I have the group leader for Grades 6 & 7 in our Children’s Church and part of the worship team (on Piano and keyboard) for about 2 and a half years now. I have a passion for Kids like non-other and they form
a very important part of my life. Teaching guys so young, but so strong in God being baptized in the Holy Spirit is something few people have been called to do and I feel honored that God has entrusted me with a calling like the one he has.

On top of this I am also an active member in our schools SCA (Students Christian Association) and of our youth. Next year I have set aside the year to do a program called Year of Your Life which involves bible college and serving at the church. There is simply nothing better than doing God’s will and using the gifts and talents he has given you to
further his kingdom and to help others so no matter what it takes, this is what I will do.

I am new to your Website so unfortunately I have not been an active member, but I do represent an integral part of your International marketing team 😉

Marks music has always been with me in my darkest and happiest times and when ever I need guidance or support I will always no where to look. I know God has given me a mandate to help others through many ordeals which I have gone through myself and it is so encouraging to be able to give them the very CD which changed my life.

Marks songs kick-started Gods plans for my life and will always provide that base and inspiration that one needs when facing the future. I always ask myself “What will you do with the time thats left”, and the answer is always “I will live it all with no regret …”

Looking forward to your new CD
Richard Gorven

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