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Hi!  My name is Candace.  Four years ago I signed my parental rights away to my two youngest daughters, Sarah was one and Katelyn was three.  It was the hardest thing I ever had to do and will ever have to do, but I know in my heart, that I did what was best for them.  I wanted them to have a better life, better than what I was able to provide to them at that time as a young single mother.  It hurts deeply, I miss them everyday.

I found music has a way to soothe a broken heart.  For the first few years I dedicated different songs to my babies but none of them seemed to fit.  Crying to those songs didn’t feel right especially since they were about breaking up and a loved one passing away.  So I went on Google to search for adoption songs.  On the third page I saw the link “EVERYTHING TO ME LYRICS”.  I clicked on it.  I started reading the lyrics.  Each verse I read brought new tears.  It was when I got to this part was when for once, I felt somewhat at ease, ‘And when I see you there, watching from heaven’s gates, into your arms I’m gonna run.  And when you look in my eyes, you can see my whole life, see who I was and who I’ve become’.  I believed, for the first time since I signed the papers, that one day we’ll be together again and they’ll thank me for what I did, and that was giving them the life they deserved.  A life with a mother to read Good Night Moon and father to play baseball in the yard at night.  Hearing the song for the first time was touching and I cry each time I hear it.  I feel so close to my daughters when I hear ‘Everything To Me’.

Giving a child up for adoption is painful.  You’re left with what if’s and why’s.  What if I wouldn’t have done what I did?  Why didn’t I try harder?  What if they hate me for giving them up?  Mark Schultz has given me the hope that they won’t hate me for giving them up.  His own adoption story has inspired my life more then anybody knows.  I’ve never been to a concert and I joined the message board a few months ago.  I believe that I was led to Mark for a reason, to hear his songs and to hear his story and to help get me through the pain.

Thank you Mark!  God Bless you for who are and everything you do!


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