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Dear Mr. Schultz:

I wanted to send you a note to tell you that your Number ONE fan lives in my home.  Her name is Sarah and she is 16 years old.

Let me take a few moments to describe Sarah to you…

Sarah is a lovely young lady with many challenges that have faced her all her
life.  She has many medical and disability issues, but always a bright smile
and love for God that shines through.

But as a MARK SCHULTZ fan, you could not ask for anyone better!  One of the things that has really helped Sarah is hearing you sing your songs.  For our youth worship this year she sang “Remember Me” and everyone in our
church was touched by the words in your song.  When Sarah has to go to the
hospital, she always makes sure that we take the Mark Schultz DVD.  This is
such an encouragement to her.  Lately, she has really connected with the song “He Will Carry Me”.

In 2007, we attended your concert in Joplin, MO as you were on your bicycle tour to raise money for orphans and widows, AND we attended your concert on Sarah’s birthday July 14, in Leawood, KS.  I thought it was so cool that your concert was on her birthday!

Presently, Sarah has been home from school since Christmas break with a new medical challenge.  Sarah has an increased amount of white blood cells in her stomach (eosinophils) and it is causing gastritis.  This means that she is allergic to something that she’s eating and for now Sarah is required to be
fed a formula by g-tube 24 hours a day.  She will be out of school for the
month of February or until the gastritis is under control by the medication.

One thing that Sarah wants to do more than anything is to meet MARK SCHULTZ!  I received an email that you are offering Golden Tickets to meet you at a concert. I have purchased the gift pack with the hopes that we would receive the Golden Tickets.  I hope the Golden Tickets are in the gift pack!!

We live in Topeka, Kansas (Fellow Kansan!)  and would be so happy to hear from you, and if possible for Sarah to meet you.  She is able to travel to a concert and should be off the feeding tube in about a month.

I have attached a picture of Sarah for you to see her smiling face!

Thanks for your consideration of making Sarah’s dream come true.


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