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March 3, 2010 9:52 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
My name is Mary Ellen R. I have never been so happy to see a year come to an end as I have 2009! I spent most of that year in a valley. It began when I got out of bed January 5 to go to work and could barely move, the pain in my back was so intense. I spent the next 2 months home, recovering from “throwing my back out” due to shoveling. As a single mother, the only income we have is mine and I live paycheck to paycheck. It was tough. In early March, my brother and his family went back to their mission work in Africa after being home for 10 months. It’s always difficult to see them leave, but last year was the worst. Nine days later, my world was forever changed. My 70 year old father fell off a ladder and broke his left wrist and also broke his neck in two places. Three years ago he had 2 titanium rods put in, going from his lower back to his neck. They said the rods saved him from being paralyzed and certainly saved his life. He spent one week in the hospital and the next 5 weeks in a nursing home for therapy. Mom was with him every day. I went 3-4 days a week after work. I only live 30 minutes away….my sister lives 2 hours away and my brother, well, he’s in Africa. Because of his failing health, my dad was not a candidate for surgery. When he came home after his stay at the nursing home, he had many doctor appointments. They discovered his neck was not healing and, despite the risks, there was no choice but for him to have the surgery. It took him a couple weeks, but he finally agreed. On May 19-mom and dad’s 47th wedding anniversary-he had the surgery. And PRAISE GOD it was a success! When he woke up, I told him it was successful and the first thing he said was “Thank You, Lord. I could cry”. Two days later he was in ICU and put on life support. The recovery was too hard on his body. “Lord I’ve never been so weary, how I need to know You’re near me, Father make the world just fade away”. That is just how I felt….never have I been so weary than in those days! My brother was able to come back home! Two weeks later we took dad off life support and he spent one week at hospice. During that week, God blessed us with 5 more beautiful days with dad…talking, laughing, walks down memory lane. God called my dad home on June 11. Because dad knew Jesus persoanlly and so do I, I have COMPLETE CONFIDENCE he is with Jesus and I will see him again. But it doesn’t change the fact my heart is broken. “Through every fear, every doubt, every tear I’ve shed. Down EVERY road, I’m not alone, no matter wher I am….HE IS…”. This song still brings me to tears and I have yet to be able to sing all the way through it without crying. The grieveing process is so incredibly long and confusing and exhausting. However, this song continues to comfort and encourage me. And I am forever grateful.
Thank you, Mark, for serving God and blessing us with the beautiful gift He has blessed you with!

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