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My name is Kimberly G., and here is my story.

December of 1997, I became a truck driver and met my husband. For the first few years of our marriage, we either drove together as a team or we drove for separate companies in our own separate truck. A few years ago, I had to give up driving due to health reasons. I became a stay-at-home wife. It’s been so hard to do. I felt all alone and most of all, I was ready to start our family. We tried without success. We had even started talking about adoption. I had the opportunity to meet Mark at a benefit concert for an adoption group not far from our home.

My husband and I started talking more and more about adoption. Sad to say, this was not possible either. Due to him not being able to be home for the parenting classes that were required. So again, I became disappointed.

Summer of 2007, I found out that I had Type 2 diabetes. As one would know, I was put on medication. September of that year, I found out that I was pregnant. May of 2008, we welcomed our son, weighing in at 5 pounds 3 ounces. Needless to say we felt very blessed that God had blessed us with this tiny miracle.

Many people think that I should be totally excited being at home with our son. Sometimes this isn’t the case. I’ve also been battling depression for almost 20 years. I have many bad days where I just don’t want to get out of bed. I constantly have the feeling of being alone. I can even feel that way in a crowded room.

The first time I ever heard Mark’s song, ‘He Is’, I couldn’t help but break down and cry. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t listen to it without breaking down in tears. It made me realize that all this time, when I felt alone, God was there with me the whole time, and he always will be. Because of God’s precise love and Mark’s song, I no longer feel totally alone. Yes from time to time, I still may feel alone, but I just listen to the song, and it shows me differently.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

God Bless!

Kimberly G.

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