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Hello. I already posted my story on Mark’s Face Book page and blog. I also had the blessing to meet Mark at the pheniox, AZ concert and thank him for “singing me through my treatment”. I am writing in about the cloud of the month, in hopes to encourage people with the story of the Lord blessed me during a very difficult time in my life and also used Mark’s music to get me through it.

Last August, my wonderful husband deployed to the Middle East for approximately 13 months. He left me to care for our home and our two young children that I homeschool. Honestly, I was not feeling really confident about the deployment. I wasn’t sure how I would make it through the year without my husband. Exactly a month after he left, I found a lump on my leg. I was diagnosed with cancer on September 15,2010. I cried for about 10 minutes and then an amazing thing happened. The holy spirit completely took over. The Lord clearly chose this time to show me that I had to learn to depend on HIM more then on my husband. The last 8 months have been probably the most difficult but also the most meaningful time in my life. My relationship with Jesus has developed into something I once only dreamed about it.

My church family demonstrated the amazing way we as Christian brothers and sisters can really work as the Body of Christ. They provided me with 24 hour/7 days a week care for me and the girls for the 4 weeks after my surgery when I was unable to walk. They continued the care for an additional 8 weeks, while I went to daily radiation sessions by babysitting the girls and always having dinner on my table every night.

The way Mark’s music touched my life was on the first day of my radiation treatment, a.k.a. my daily zapping sessions. It was the first time I actually laid on the treatment table, with a really large machine hovering over my body. The therapists put me in position and then left the room sealing me in alone behind the heavy door, so the “zapping” process could begin. The process itself does not hurt, but the sound the machine makes is worst then a denist drill. I felt alone for the first time through this whole process. Tears finally rolled down my cheeks, as I longed for my husband. When I got in the car afterwards, I felt very discouraged. How was I going to do this 5 days a week for 8 weeks? I started my car and turned on the cd player. Someone had given me a new WOW hits CD that I hadn’t listened to yet. Within a minute, Mark’s voice was singing “HE IS”. I cried as I listened to the words that spoke directly to the place I had been feeling in that treatment room. The Lord assured me through Mark’s song that even if it feels like I am alone, He is always holding me. I listened to that song every single day of my radiation treatment.

I was able to witness to so many people through this process about God’s amazing love and provision. Not to many people will tell a cancer patient to stop talking about God, lol. I was able to witness to all the military spouses in my husband’s unit, all the other cancer patients I met and anyone else I could get to listen to me for 5 minutes. I personalized my cane with scripture and the words from HE IS.

Friends opened thier home to us, I brought my girls to AZ for the last 3 months so I could heal in the warm weather. I was especially blessed that I was able to attend Mark’s concert in Pheniox. We drove 2 1/2 hours to get there. It was well worth the drive as I was able to hug him and tell him what that song had done for me. I also discovered through his website that he wrote the song “He is” after encounters with two people with cancer.

My 8 year old has started a relay for life team called “TEAM ICHTHUS” (the Jesus Fish) , to support other people with cancer but also to witness about how Jesus can help them too. Since I already have 4 of his albums, a Tshirt and a signed picture, if I am chosen as the cloud of the month, I would rather her relay website listed with my story so people may have the opportunity to donate to the American Cancer Society in the name of Jesus. We will be clearly sharing the power of HIS love on the day of the relay.

Her website is or (just click on Bethany’s name from the team site.) 100% will go to the Relay for Life. My husband will be running on the same day with his unit in the Middle East to support the relay and my daughter.

Thank you Mark for your music. God has truly gave you an gift and a purpose which your are following. Your amazing voice sang me through all of my treatment sessions. May God continue to use your amazing talent to touch the lives of many. Attached are the pictures when I met Mark and when my girls and I rang the “My TREATMENT is FINISHED BELL” at the cancer center.

In all things I will Praise His Name,
Shelley D

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