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Hello, my name is Bill and I am a huge Mark Schultz fan. My wife refers to Mark as my “Man Crush”. I first heard Mark sing at the State Fair in Hutchinson, Kansas. I was coming out of a transitional point of life, recovering from addiction, and every cord he sang sank deep into my heart. When he sang Letters From War, as a Veteran, the tears rolled down my face and I was hooked. Having a Lay Ministry background, I was led back to Church where I first ministered to other recovering addicts. Then about a year ago, a new calling came down and now this Broken and Beautiful man is a Middle School Youth Leader and my students are getting acquainted with Marks music.

Over the last couple of years, I think Ive only missed one concert of Marks in Kansas. When he played in Abilene, I ended up eating a couple tables away from him at the Brookville Hotel. I tried waiting him out to get a picture with him before the concert but that man can eat some chicken.

A couple months later Mark had a concert at the Church of the Resurrection in Leawood and it worked out to where my whole family could attend. After the concert, against my daughters wishes, I met Mark coming down from the stage and got my picture with him. For Christmas that year, my lovely wife, had that picture along with an autographed CD & Ride Across America poster, framed as a gift.

I listen to Marks music daily and know that Ive increased his fan base. Ive brought his music into my church and into my middle school classroom. Marks music played at my wedding and at the dance that followed.

I have four daughters and on 8/19/08 after a 32-hour labor my wife was giving birth to our last child. The baby had a tough start with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. They cut the cord while most of his head was still in my wife. It seemed like an eternity before the rest of the lifeless body would emerge. As the delivery room erupted with chaos, Hes My Son, played through my head and quickly some of the lyrics turned into my first prayer for little Will. With everyone panicking around me, I somehow found peace and soon my son began breathing. God is good.

Id like to thank Mark for being that beacon out there shining his light to show us the way.

Hugz, Thoughtz, & Prayerz Bill


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