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I love so many songs by Mark Schultz. I grew up listening to and singing along with him. I’ve even done several songs of his for special music at church. Singing is a huge passion of mine and Mark Shultz’s songs are right in my range. I went to a fine arts academy during my high school years, and for my senior showcase in 2006 I decided to surprise my mom. I told her I was singing a song from a musical, and borrowed some sheet music and practiced it while she was around. I even had them put the name of that song in the program. But when I got up there I explained that I wanted to surprise her and sang “When You Come Home.” The few parts where Mark sings “son” I just substituted “hun.” It was a really special moment, and it let her know how much she meant to me.

My mom was my best friend. Even during my “rebellious” stages as a teenager (which were rather mild, looking back on it) I still told her everything. At the end of the day I would always go into my parents room, lie down next to her on my Dad’s side of the bed, and tell her all about my day. She was so supportive of all my dreams, but kept me grounded at the same time. She was my rock. My mom died unexpectedly a little over a year after I sang to her that night. She had non-Hodgkins lymphoma that went undiagnosed until her death in October 2007. She was only 48. Those last few weeks before she passed were horrible…she was so sick, but we didn’t know why. We had absolutely no clue that she was dying until the day of her death.

“When You Come Home” was the first song we played at the funeral, to let people know that it was time to be seated. I stood at the very back of the room, waiting to be seated with my family when the service began. Tears streamed down my face. I am SO glad I took that opportunity to let my mom know how much I love her while she was still here. I miss her so much…it has been three years since that awful, awful time. Our lives are moving on…my youngest sister graduated, my oldest sister has had two children, and I have gotten married. Every time I hear “When You Come Home,” it is so bittersweet. It reminds me so much of my wonderful mother. I cherish it so much. Thank you, Mark. Little did I know when I fell in love with that song that it would speak so close to my heart.

Amy S

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