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Well this all happened when I was born. I was a healthy as can be! But when I turned 3 it all went bad. I was diagnosed with leukemia, the type of cancer. My parents knew something was wrong with me. I was always saying how my legs hurt and I was running a fever a lot.

Danielle’s older sister here. I was 19 and in college at this time. We were as close as two sisters could be. Being 3 hours away and in school was hard enough, but knowing my baby sister was sick was absolutely devastating.

Well my parents took me to the hospital one night and it turns out for the worst. The doctor came out into the waiting room and took me and my parents into the back and told them that I have leukemia. My mom and dad were both crying. You really cant get my dad to cry. I was three at the time so I didn’t know what was going on.

She didn’t know what was going on but the rest of the family certainly did. And it was scary.

Then I had to go to the hospital a lot! If I was running a little fever I had to go. Almost every time I got admitted but I had to go a couple times a month to get a bone tap. When I got it I was put under. I called the meds “the milkie” stuff because it looked like milk! One night when I woke up I told my mom “Mommy I was dreaming and I saw a big white light and this man told me to hold on and everything would be all right! and then I woke up!” My mom said it was all really scary to her! She didn’t know why I saw that! The thing is when someone is dying they usually see the bright white light. That’s what scared my mom. She thought she was losing me!

Danielle always had a strange knack for seeing things and looking at things with a perspective most others wouldn’t. She would frequently tell us to look up and see the angels, or that God was talking to her.

When I started chemo I had to lose all my hair! and I got made fun of a lot! But also I had a tube on my chest to make it easy for the doctors to take blood. So when somone would say baldy or something I would look at them and say ohh yea well at least you dont got a “tubey”!

And she would show it to the mean little kids too! Meanwhile, the family was still struggling to keep it together. This is around the time “He’s My Son” first came out. And I cried. A lot. I had no clue who Mark Schultz was. I played the song for my parents and sister. Guess what? They cried too. It was inspiring for the obvious reasons. But Danielle had those angels on her side and after only a few months of chemo she was in remission.

Then a couple years went by and I was going for my check up They told me that I can be taken off chemo. My family was sooo happy. I’m now in remission and healthy as ever!

And while she healed, the family did their healing as well. I found my solstice in Mark Schultz. I found an amazing camaraderie on his message board and started attending local concerts with these newfound friends. His lyrics have spoken deeply to me many times. The beauty of Mark’s music is in the fact that his songs can speak to us in so many ways over and over again. His music has brought me through Danielle’s leukemia, through breakups and love, through 2 of my husband’s deployments overseas (and now beginning our 3rd), through miscarriage, and then the loss of my grandfather after he battled leukemia himself three separate times.

Recently I went to one of Mark’s concerts with my sister. I was sooo happy. I love his music but the song that he was singing made my life. “God of Glory” Theres just something in the song. I sang along and I loved it. Every night I have listened to it over and over again!

And the funny thing is I never would have chosen this to be Danielle’s favorite song. With all of Mark’s songs and the stories he tells she felt herself connected to one of his most powerful songs with the simplest of beautiful pictures. “Open up the heavens, Lord, and show Your glory. God of glory, open up the heavens now.” What a perfect reminder of what HE has brought us through.

Mark is such an inspiration to me! At the concert I got to see him a couple of times and got like 10 hugs from him! I can’t wait to go see more concerts of his!

Mark doesn’t know Danielle’s story. He had no clue the impact he had made on her life by delivering God’s words through music straight to our hearts. But he hugged her anyway. Because that’s the compassionate guy that he is and has a understand of the unspoken stories of the way his music affects the lives of his listeners. Thank you, Mark, for the inspiration and comfort you have brought to our family’s life!

Danielle (4) and Trisha (19) in the middle of her chemo treatments

Danielle (13) and Trisha (28) with Mark in Fremont, Ohio

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