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Mark’s has been an inspiration to me in more ways than one. My husband and I have been through some trying times during our marriage and last year I thought it had come to an end. We were closer to divorce than ever, but God intervened and worked out a miracle in our life. Today we stand as a testament to what God can and will do if we will only seek after Him, listen, and respond.

I still remember the day I was driving to work when “Walking Her Home” came on the radio. Oh, how the tears flowed. That day, at that moment, I finally realized what I have in Roy, and it took that song breaking through to help me see and fully understand. I now look forward to growing old with Roy holding my hand every day, and appreciate him more than ever.

I wish this were the only story about how God used Mark’s music in my life but it’s not. Shortly after the incident with “Walking Her Home” and the healing in our marriage, God did something I thought would never happen… I finally met my daughter after 23 long years. I had never seen her and only once heard her cries when she was first born. You can only imagine what that moment was like for both my daughter and I. All I can say is even after all this time she has always meant “Everything to Me.”

It’s not often a song will reach the depth of my soul the way Mark’s music does. I have even blogged about the times when Mark’s music has had a significant impact in my life. You can read those stories here: Click Here and here

I love using blog entries as a way to tell about what God has done in my life, in all the networks where I am active not just MySpace. Outside of using the internet as a way to connect and witness, I try to live my life in such a way that I am an “everyday” witness… just someone living my life chasing after Him. As a result, I often have something to post about what He has done. These are just two examples where Mark’s music played a role.

Looking back, I find it strange how these two events occurred so closely to one another. Not something I can explain except God works and moves in mysterious ways. If He wants to unknowingly use Mark Shultz in the process, then so be it!

What I love even more about Mark is that after the incident with Walking Her Home, I did look up Mark in MySpace only to discover that he is also a fellow cyclist. I ride myself to raise funds for those struggling with Multiple Sclerosis and Diabetes. I can only remember thinking, “WOW, he’s a cyclist too!” He’s been a MySpace friend ever since!



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